Finding the best market for me to uber in.

I moved to Spotsylvania, VA to transfer to another walmart on Feb 1, 2017. Things were going ok until an employee told me about uber, I’ve been wanting to do uber since it was created but never had the right car. So I found out that I needed to find a four door car from 2003 to 2017, I had some money saved so i bought a 2008 Nissan Altima, Great condition, mileage was around 88,000+ miles on it. i didn’t care, I just wanted something decent to do uber in to make a few bucks. hahaha. Once I got approved, I went to tell my supervisor about it and she said the best places are to pick people in fredericksburg are the bars, so i did that for around a month, but was barely reaching $50 cause its mostly country and people have their own cars. Then a lyft driver tells me to drive down to Richmond and do airport runs and downtown, hmmm ok! Started doing airport pickups making almost $100 some days. Then I started following the simple driver on youtube and I saw “how to earn $6,000 a month creating an uber website.” I was hooked, I wouldnt have to drive damn long hours, putting wear and tear on my car, earning $300-$400 a week. So thats what I did. I’m still driving uber but I prefer to do it on my days off  now, because driving an hour down to Richmond or an hour up to D.C, drive around for five six hours, come back home was getting tiring. So if you want to be an uber driver, find the biggest cities in your market and kill it, but make an uber website to save your car, (youtube; The simple Driver) he has the most informative videos or you can go to his website; and he will coach you on how to make the most out of uber.